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Long exposure with full moon light

Some pictures I took last December under a full moon. Click on the pictures to open in lightbox with black background.   Read more

Prairie Macros – June 21, 2014

Some macros photos from the prairie last Saturday. Click on any image to open better resolution in lightbox.   Read more

One week until Peyton has brother

One week from today one of these good-looking boys will be coming home to us. Susie said "I love them all" so that should let you know how far we've narrowed it down! Green Boy (Checkers) Is such a ham.     Purple Boy Is very reserved and laid back.   Black Boy Is a cuddle bug and lover, but will go and do anything you want him to do.   White Boy Is playful and ready for fun.     Light Blue Boy Is a sweetheart and is very mellow and laid back.   Read more

Playtime for 6 week Golden puppies

The boys are 6 weeks old and less than a week until we make a road trip to visit. They are growing fast and look like fat fluff balls now just like Peyton was. Some also have name changes since they've ditched the nail polish for colors (good move for the boys). Orange Boy is now Purple Boy Is a sweet cuddle bug.   Checker Boy is now Green Boy Is always up and going. He is always on the move.   Black Boy Black is really laid back ... Read more

The boys at 5 weeks

The Golden boys are 5 weeks old now and we are less than 2 weeks away from visiting them and a week after that one will be coming home. We included personality updates from Laura.   Checker Boy Is such a little spitfire with personality. He is everywhere you go and is just a doll.       Orange Boy Is a cuddle boy. He is just not bothered by anything.        Teal Boy Is reserved and just like ok I'm here what now.        Black Boy Was just not having any of it today he ... Read more

Halfway home – Golden boys are 4 weeks old

The Golden Retriever boys are now 4 weeks old which means in 4 more weeks one will be coming home to us. Susie keeps telling Peyton that her life is about to change - well all of our lives will get a little crazy! Susie thinks that Peyton will be a little jealous and I think that Peyton won't leave his side.             Read more

Memorial Weekend at Niobrara State Park

We had never camped at Niobrara State Park and spent four nights there over Memorial weekend and really enjoyed it. It is a big park with a lot of hills and great views with a nice campsite at the bottom of it. We had some friends camping there and also met several new people. Our routine was pretty much the same every day - hike in the morning, have lunch at the campsite and relax, eat too much for dinner, then ... Read more

Puppies are 2 weeks old

The Golden Retriever puppies that we are getting a boy from are 2 weeks old now. We have 6 weeks left to enjoy our nice and quiet home. After that we'll be running from the razor-sharp teeth! The girls are marked on their bottoms and the boys are marked between the shoulder blades. Click on any of the pics to open larger versions in a lightbox slideshow. Read more

Peyton will have little brother in 8 weeks

Fuji had a litter of 6 boys and 4 girls on Cinco de Mayo and Peyton will have a brother to play with in 8 weeks. The theme for the litter is "science". It's going to be a busy summer with a puppy and putting up a pole barn!   Read more

Nighttime Prairie Photos

In August when we were camping at Lake Red Rock in Iowa, we watched a story on IPTV about Jeff Grewe that included his nighttime photography. The photos were stunning and something I had never seen before and I wanted to try it sometime. Last Saturday was a day shy of a full moon, some clouds, and it was very nice weather for November so I took my camera and tripod out to our prairie. All of these photos were taken around ... Read more

Full “Beaver” Moon

Taken with Sigma 150-500mm lens at F/11, 1/160s, and ISO 100. Click for larger version.   Read more

Duncan – Heaven just got a little crazier

On Tuesday Duncan decided it was time he left us on his own terms and headed to see Ms. Bailey at Rainbow Bridge. His back legs were weak and internal problems were causing him pain, but he was classic "Duncan" even on his last day on Earth. I took him to the vet at noon and x-rays showed that his spleen was very enlarged and the vet said it could rupture if it got any bigger. At 13 1/2 years old and ... Read more

Prairie – November 10, 2013

This fall the prairie grasses are giving great color to our prairie. Little Bluestem is reddish bronze and Sideoats Grama is tan and will give color throughout the winter. There are some young Indian Grasses and Little Bluestem grasses which should be more impressive over the years. The birds are really enjoying the cover and all the seeds this time of year.                   Read more

Native Woodland Seedlings

We have a 2200 sq/ft group of trees in our back yard and have been trying to get stuff other than "junk" to grow in it. In 2012 I killed off everything that was growing in there and put down a true woodland seed mix from Prairie Moon last December. I mowed it all year to keep any returning "junk" from going to seed and once the leaves dropped you could really see all the first year seedlings. Some of them have ... Read more

Carmel Vacation – Mission Ranch and Point Lobos

Wednesday was Rick and Sally's 20th wedding anniversary and in the morning we went back down to Carmel Beach and walked South this time. It was another great day just like it was all of vacation.         That evening we went to the Mission Ranch Restaurant and everyone enjoyed a great meal. Here we are just before heading out.     Thursday was Lisa and Craig's last day and we went to the Rocky Point Restaurant to have lunch with a great view. Why does vacation ... Read more

Carmel Vacation – Coastal Drive and Fisherman’s Wharf

On Tuesday the women went to downtown Carmel for some shopping and the guys took a drive south along the coast and grabbed some lunch. Craig, Rick, and I were in a convertible and toughed out the cool drive along the ocean. There were a lot of old bridges along the drive which was neat. We ate at restaurant along the coast and watched and listened to big waves hitting the rocks. That evening we went down to Fisherman's Wharf in ... Read more

Carmel Vacation – 17-Mile Drive

This is the second post of our Carmel California vacation and shows pictures of 17-Mile Drive at Pebble Beach. The very scenic drive takes you through the Del Monte Forest and Pacific coastline and we stopped several times to take it all in. In addition to the great views there is a lot of different wildlife along the drive and the number of sea lions on the rocks is pretty impressive. There are a lot of golf courses along the drive ... Read more

Carmel Vacation – House and Carmel Beach

This is the first post in a series of vacation pictures from Carmel California. I've been busy with work and home projects so I've been slow to post-process them. I bought a Sigma 18-250mm lens for the trip and was very happy with it as a walk-around lens. Susie's Mom and Rick invited us to vacation with them to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary. We flew into San Francisco and drove from there which was a relaxing drive. Susie's sister Lisa and ... Read more

Barred Owl in Backyard

A pair of barred owls have been in the area since we moved to our acreage almost 5 years ago. We hear them a lot but it's pretty rare to see them. The past month they have been very active in the evenings and we've seen them quite a bit. This evening one kept landing in the yard like it was going after insects. I wonder if they like locusts? This was shot in very low light on a tripod at ISO ... Read more

Prairie – August 10, 2013

Last year at this time, most of the wildflowers had shut down their blooms because of the drought and heat. This year we had good rains late in the spring but the summer has been pretty dry and we have slipped back into drought status. We have had a few rains and this summer has averaged 10 degrees cooler than last, so the wildflowers are still doing pretty good. They also have had another year of establishment to grow their roots ... Read more
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