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In August when we were camping at Lake Red Rock in Iowa, we watched a story on IPTV about Jeff Grewe that included his nighttime photography. The photos were stunning and something I had never seen before and I wanted to try it sometime. Last Saturday was a day shy of a full moon, some clouds, and it was very nice weather for November so I took my camera and tripod out to our prairie.

All of these photos were taken around 10pm which is 5 hours after sunset. These are all long-exposure shots with many of them 20 seconds. I quickly realized there are challenges to doing this that you normally don’t have. You have to manually focus but looking through the viewfinder is very dark so it’s a guess on if you’re focused. A flashlight helps a little if your subject is near but doesn’t help with wide-angle shots.

If was fun and definitely something I want to do again. While these aren’t great photos, I think they are pretty cool for my first time trying. I think it might be easier if you have a wide-open area that isn’t as hard to focus on. It is pretty amazing that the camera will reveal nighttime imagery that the naked eye just can’t see. The photos look more like late evening pictures instead of 5 hours after sunset.









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