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Carmel Vacation – 17-Mile Drive

This is the second post of our Carmel California vacation and shows pictures of 17-Mile Drive at Pebble Beach. The very scenic drive takes you through the Del Monte Forest and Pacific coastline and we stopped several times to take it all in. In addition to the great views there is a lot of different wildlife along the drive and the number of sea lions on the rocks is pretty impressive. There are a lot of golf courses along the drive ... Read more

Carmel Vacation – House and Carmel Beach

This is the first post in a series of vacation pictures from Carmel California. I've been busy with work and home projects so I've been slow to post-process them. I bought a Sigma 18-250mm lens for the trip and was very happy with it as a walk-around lens. Susie's Mom and Rick invited us to vacation with them to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary. We flew into San Francisco and drove from there which was a relaxing drive. Susie's sister Lisa and ... Read more

Peyton’s First Therapy Visit

Susie wants Peyton to become a therapy dog but we still need to do some work before she's ready to become certified. She is a well-mannered dog but does have some teenage moments at times. Grandma is rehabilitating at Life Care Center of Elkhorn and we saw that they have therapy dog visits. We asked if dogs needed to be certified therapy dogs to visit and they said any dog can visit as long as they are current on vaccinations. So ... Read more

Camping at Willow Creek

We spent a 4-day weekend camping at Willow Creek Recreation Area in Pierce, NE with the Le’s. The weather was mild and not humid which isn't typical of summer, plus there were no mosquitoes and we didn't need bug spray. We usually eat too much when camping, but when "Restaurant Joe" goes, you know you are going to eat very well. We hadn't camped with the Le's for two years and it was a great time - and of course ate ... Read more

Good looking doggies!

Duncan is 13 years old now and looks great for his age...and still acts like he's 2. Peyton is almost 2, and although more obedient than Duncan has ever been, still has her teenage moments. Today they went to the groomers which is mainly for Duncan, but Peyton gets her nails and ears done. This evening's overcast sky gave some good light to snap some pics in the small timeframe while they are clean.     Read more

Platte River State Park Cabin

For Susie's birthday weekend we stayed in a cabin at Platte River State Park. We had a nice snowstorm a few days before which made the park scenic and the dogs really enjoyed running through the snow. We burned a lot of firewood and relaxed - which is what Susie wanted. Read more
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