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Long exposure with full moon light

Some pictures I took last December under a full moon. Click on the pictures to open in lightbox with black background.   Read more

Prairie Macros – June 21, 2014

Some macros photos from the prairie last Saturday. Click on any image to open better resolution in lightbox.   Read more

Nighttime Prairie Photos

In August when we were camping at Lake Red Rock in Iowa, we watched a story on IPTV about Jeff Grewe that included his nighttime photography. The photos were stunning and something I had never seen before and I wanted to try it sometime. Last Saturday was a day shy of a full moon, some clouds, and it was very nice weather for November so I took my camera and tripod out to our prairie. All of these photos were taken around ... Read more

Full “Beaver” Moon

Taken with Sigma 150-500mm lens at F/11, 1/160s, and ISO 100. Click for larger version.   Read more

Prairie – November 10, 2013

This fall the prairie grasses are giving great color to our prairie. Little Bluestem is reddish bronze and Sideoats Grama is tan and will give color throughout the winter. There are some young Indian Grasses and Little Bluestem grasses which should be more impressive over the years. The birds are really enjoying the cover and all the seeds this time of year.                   Read more

Native Woodland Seedlings

We have a 2200 sq/ft group of trees in our back yard and have been trying to get stuff other than "junk" to grow in it. In 2012 I killed off everything that was growing in there and put down a true woodland seed mix from Prairie Moon¬†last December. I mowed it all year to keep any returning "junk" from going to seed and once the leaves dropped you could really see all the first year seedlings. Some of them have ... Read more

Barred Owl in Backyard

A pair of barred owls have been in the area since we moved to our acreage almost 5 years ago. We hear them a lot but it's pretty rare to see them. The past month they have been very active in the evenings and we've seen them quite a bit. This evening one kept landing in the yard like it was going after insects. I wonder if they like locusts? This was shot in very low light on a tripod at ISO ... Read more

Prairie – August 10, 2013

Last year at this time, most of the wildflowers had shut down their blooms because of the drought and heat. This year we had good rains late in the spring but the summer has been pretty dry and we have slipped back into drought status. We have had a few rains and this summer has averaged 10 degrees cooler than last, so the wildflowers are still doing pretty good. They also have had another year of establishment to grow their roots ... Read more

Prairie – July 28, 2013

Over the past week, Grayhead Coneflowers have been blooming profusely giving a nice contrast to all the green in the prairie. Purple Coneflowers and Wild Bergamot are also doing well giving additional color. Planted in 2010, this is the third full growing season for our prairie and it's really taking off this year. The early spring burn followed by late spring rains have stimulated the natives and we are seeing less weeds each year. They say it takes 5-6 years for ... Read more

Big Spider Under Log

I was moving some logs and this spider was on one I rolled over. I ran into the house and grabbed my camera and macro lens and surprised it will still there. I think it might be a female wolf spider but not sure. One thing interesting is its abdomen looks like a cat's face. Click for larger view and to see the detail on its face. Read more
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