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Memorial Weekend at Niobrara State Park

We had never camped at Niobrara State Park and spent four nights there over Memorial weekend and really enjoyed it. It is a big park with a lot of hills and great views with a nice campsite at the bottom of it. We had some friends camping there and also met several new people. Our routine was pretty much the same every day - hike in the morning, have lunch at the campsite and relax, eat too much for dinner, then ... Read more

Platte River Bald Eagles

This winter was great for viewing Bald Eagles along the Platte River. There were times I counted over 50 of them in a single area. I got a new Sigma 150-500mm lens for my camera and this was my first time taking pictures of eagles with it, and I later learned that I didn't have the best camera settings for the conditions. I did get a few decent shots and the experience of watching them can't be beat.   Read more