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Memorial Weekend at Niobrara State Park

We had never camped at Niobrara State Park and spent four nights there over Memorial weekend and really enjoyed it. It is a big park with a lot of hills and great views with a nice campsite at the bottom of it. We had some friends camping there and also met several new people. Our routine was pretty much the same every day - hike in the morning, have lunch at the campsite and relax, eat too much for dinner, then ... Read more

Peyton’s First Therapy Visit

Susie wants Peyton to become a therapy dog but we still need to do some work before she's ready to become certified. She is a well-mannered dog but does have some teenage moments at times. Grandma is rehabilitating at Life Care Center of Elkhorn and we saw that they have therapy dog visits. We asked if dogs needed to be certified therapy dogs to visit and they said any dog can visit as long as they are current on vaccinations. So ... Read more